Hi, I'm Dawn-Marie! Your New Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

I help start-ups and product owners craft and develop effective digital marketing systems, test and stabilise it, so it can predictably and consistently attract and convert leads into revenue.


I Am A Digital Marketing Expert Servicing Entrepreneurs + Start-Ups And Have A Wealth Of Experience In ...

Developing + Executing Marketing Strategies

B2B/B2C Lead + Client Acquisition Tactics

Data Analysis, Reporting + Optimising Campaigns

Managing Budgets For Optimal Marketing ROI

... you have an awesome product that you're beaming about. 

You know it can help a lot of people and make a difference. You're ready to create massive impact in people's lives!

The dream that you visualise is to have thousands of prospects from your target audience seeking out your offer, hundreds of new early adopters, your product on the lips of the marketplace. 

what can that do for you & your start-up?

Hire a Fractional CMO without the cost and commitment of a traditional CMO and get the marketing support your start-up needs to successfully take your product to market and start attracting early adopters, clients & customers.


Meet Your Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

Hello! I am Dawn-Marie, a digital marketing strategist.

I help entrepreneurs + start-ups set up their 360° marketing systems, test and stabilise it so that it consistently and predictably produces revenue.

What does this mean? In a nutshell, I help you get found, acquire leads, sales, clients or customers with lead and sales generation methods that help you predictably and consistently grow your revenue! 

I have over 5 years in digital marketing experience and entrepreneurship.

As a digital marketing strategist, I have helped start-ups develop short-term and long-term marketing plans, implement marketing campaigns that generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue within the first three months, grow website traffic to over a hundred thousand web visitors, lead and train marketing professionals and guide and inform CEOs and COOs on their marketing strategy.

As a Fractional CMO I am closely involved in your marketing operations and come with a strategic mind to grow and develop your business.

What Is A Fractional CMO?

A Fractional CMO is a senior marketing specialist who joins your business on a temporary or part-time basis to provide marketing expertise as you launch your product to the market.

Therefore Fractional CMOs think "big-picture" and create a defined marketing strategy to position your start-up for growth.

Fractional CMOs are different from freelancers and don't usually do adhoc marketing services. In fact, they are fully engaged, often overseeing the entire marketing operation and accountable for the results that they produce.

A Fractional CMO can be part of your team and liaise with other development or support team members. They also have management capabilities, setting up your marketing team or working alongside an in-house team.

Why Hire A Fractional CMO?

  • You get an interim CMO without the cost and commitment of hiring a full-time permanent CMO.
  • You may already have marketing personnel but no one to support and control the marketing function.
  • You can confidently rely on the expertise of a senior marketing professional to help you create your marketing systems or improve your marketing efforts.
  • You're already actively engaged in product development, raising investment and other operational challenges. You don't have the time to wear another hat but acknowledge that marketing is necessary.

Fractional CMO vs Traditional CMOs, Freelancers or Agencies

Unlike traditional CMOs, Fractional CMOs are flexible in their working patterns. They are there when you need them and because of the flexibility in agreement, if things don't work out, you can easily decide to part ways.

Unlike freelancers, Fractional CMOs are fully engaged. They are often part of the team and may even collaborate on projects with in-house support. They are also accountable for the results that they produce, which means they are heavily invested in the success of your start-up.

Unlike agencies, Fractional CMOs have management capabilities and can help to manage and develop new or existing teams.

What Does A Fractional CMO Do?

Fractional CMOs develop end-to-end marketing funnels. This means, they develop the overall marketing strategy in line with your business' objectives from brand awareness to lead generation, traffic growth and customer acquisition and retention.

They work alongside other marketing professional to implement and execute marketing campaigns.

They typically own the marketing strategy and are accountable for the success of the strategy. They have a birds' eye view of the entire marketing operation and from time to time, set and review the marketing goals.

They even coach and support junior marketing personnel to help them develop and grow their own marketing skills.


Notable Achievements

Developed a 3-month marketing strategy for a B2B SAAS startup in the recruitment industry and used search engine marketing (Google Ads) to generate B2B leads at a CPL (cost per lead) of £45 against a target CPL of £50-£100.

Created and implemented a sales funnel for a new product launch that generated $20415 net revenue within 2 weeks.

Launched a new blog website and executed a traffic generation campaign with a focus on Google and Pinterest SEO. Increased traffic and new users from 23,465 users in Y1 to 94,025 users in Y2 to 116,998 users in Y3 with a continued upward trajectory year on year.

Directed the launch of an ecommerce startup by using Facebook ads and email campaigns to acquire and retain customers, generating a total revenue of $56k in initial sales within 3 months.

Directed and managed a conversion rate optimisation campaign to help an ecommerce brand improve their revenue. In Y1 we achieved a 23% improvement in sales from $133,782 to $164,305 and then to $240,310 in Y2.


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