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I help service-based entrepreneurs + businesses attract leads and sales online using highly convertible sales funnels & digital marketing strategies! 


We Are A Boutique Digital Marketing Agency Servicing Service-Based Entrepreneurs + Businesses And Have A Wealth Of Experience In ...

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... you have an awesome service that you're beaming about. 

You know it can help a ton of people. You're ready to create massive impact in people's lives!

The dream that you visualise is to have hundreds of thousands of prospects from your target audience checking out your services, thousands of new subscribers, a loyal community and sold out products and offers. 

what can that do for you & your business?

Learn How Service-Based Entrepreneurs + Businesses Attract Leads and Sales Online Using Highly Convertible Sales Funnels & Digital Marketing Strategies! 


Meet Your Digital Marketing Strategist

Hello! I am Dawn-Marie and I'm the owner and founder of Digital Age Full Throttle Marketing.

We are a boutique digital marketing agency, dedicated to helping entrepreneurs + businesses improve their visibility, get found, acquire leads, sales and clients and ultimately grow their revenue all online! 

My journey into digital marketing all started back In 2014. I joined a tribe of network marketers as a way of connecting with like-minded women who wanted more out of their hectic lifestyle and to design their dream life.

That dream life became harder to work for and quickly, I became burnt out and exhausted from all the networking events, door knocking, cold messaging and word of mouth referrals. 

That is when I thought that there must be an easier way - and my answer was building my business online. 

Right then, I decided to level up and seek out the best digital marketing experts there were. 

I was mentored and coached by some of the most intelligent and awesome people who taught me things like sales funnels, autoresponders, conversion goals, Facebook marketing and search marketing campaigns. 

When I saw how things were working, I decided to pass on the knowledge to other network marketers, but I didn't stop there. 

I taught all my friends who were also starting their own business, how to work smarter, by leveraging the internet. 

When I saw that they were having success, it was from that day, I decided to spread my wings and help more and more people and therein I birthed my digital marketing agency.

What Is A Boutique Agency?

A boutique agency is a small agency that focuses on specialised services for a small client list.

Therefore boutique agencies provide dedicated work of the highest standards to their clientele and service them to the best of their abilities because they keep their clientele small.

With a small clientele you have a more intimate, one-to-one relationship with the digital marketing agency.

Boutique agencies don't rely on sales people who know nothing or very little about marketing and whose only goal is to close the sale and then pass you off to other people in the company to do the work.

When you work with a boutique agency, you work with a small team throughout the process which avoids miscommunication and you feeling like just another job number..

Why Hire A Boutique Agency?

  • You get a personal touch because you're working with a carefully tailored team to meet your needs.
  • Lower costs because we have lower overheads, unlike larger agencies who simply pass on those overhead costs to you.
  • The team that pitches your ideas, is the team that works with you. You're not being passed off to someone else to do the work.
  • You generally have access to the owner of the agency, which typically you never do when working with a larger agency.
  • Faster turnaround on projects because we don't take on more projects than we can comfortably handle.

Boutique vs Traditional Agencies

Boutique agencies specialise in specific forms of advertising and creative work.

This is unlike traditional agencies who take on all forms of marketing including market research, media buying etc.

Traditional agencies also outsource their work to boutique agencies.

Sometimes because of the volume of work that they try to get, they don't have capacity and end up sending work to boutique agencies to help them keep up with the demand.

How A Boutique Agency Works

We work with smaller staff and use trusted contract workers or freelancers to assist us with the project.

Because our size is smaller and we only work with select clients, we are able to provide highly professional work in our chosen niche.

As the client, this enables you to have a more personalised, hands-on experience, that won't break your budget.

We do not have a desire to take on every single person that we speak to. So we are very selective about the type of clients we work with.

We want to make sure that a project is the right fit for us and that we can help our clients achieve the biggest impact and result.



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Our Clients Love Us

"When I began using social media ads, I was overwhelmed & frustrated with all the information. I needed to find someone who was an expert (because I wanted my ads to be successful) and I wanted someone who was easy to work with. Dawn was all-of-the-above! Not only were we paying about $0.03 per click. I received well over 250 leads in less than 2 days. I truly appreciated everything she did to help me be successful. Thanks, Dawn! (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) "

- Christina M. Johnson, Author Coach, Testimony Publishers

"Dawn is awesome. I've worked with several digital marketers in the past and none comes close to her. She is not only amazing at marketing but she also knows the ins and outs of Clickfunnels and does great funnel planning and designs. She will now be my go to person when it comes to anything digital marketing. Thank you! Highly recommended."

- Proctor Trivette, Audio & Sound Engineer, The Six-Figure Sound Engineer

"Dawn is so patient and very helpful. Prior to Dawn I was spending hundreds for ads on one campaign. One in particular I spent $283 for 42 leads. Dawn narrowed down my interests and created a few different ads and I was able to get the same 42 leads for about $98. And that same ad has now brought me 68 leads. I'll be hiring her help again before I know it. Dawn knows her stuff!"

- Penelope Chrisshada, Brows By Penelope Hue, Microblading Salon Owner

"Dawn exceeded my expectations. It was apparent early on that she knew her stuff. On one campaign she was able to help me get leads to my business for $4. Overall we got a total of 22 leads in 3 days at less than $8 per lead. The campaign report and instructions are also very valuable to me. I am more than pleased. Thank you Dawn!"

- April Gregory, Coach April Gregory, Branding and Marketing Strategist


You've built your business off of referrals and word-of-mouth and that's great.

After all referrals tend to convert better, because they come from people you've serviced and can vouch for your expertise.

But when does referral marketing become dangerous to your business?

Firstly it's not sustainable. Every client will not actively prospect to their network to tell them how great your service is.

Secondly, referrals and word of mouth stunts your business growth. I mean, they don't frequently come in by the dozens. So how can you have enough to fill up your pipeline now?

Getting referrals is great, but if you want to grow your business you have to be able to take control of your client acquisition and do something which allows you to fill your pipeline on demand.

We can help you.

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Everything in this Plan is what my team and I help other business owners like yourself, by showing you how to turn on the faucet to get more leads and sales in your business.


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